Wayne Simpson

Photo by Darwin Wiggett.

I believe that each of us has a unique way of seeing the beauty that exists all around us. Our unique views are food for the soul and should be celebrated and shared.

I have long appreciated the obvious beauty around me, however, lately I’ve been pushing to see deeper. As both a landscape and portrait photographer, I feel that there is always room to express beauty in a deeper and more meaningful way. My goal is to communicate the essence of a person or place and take the viewer on an emotional journey.

Many people find it surprising that I am so committed to both portrait and landscape photography. The truth is, I see equal beauty in each and gain the same satisfaction from photographing a unique individual as I do a breathtaking landscape. There is a creative shift that happens when going from one to the other, and I feel that I’m a more in-tune artist by exercising both.

After living in Calgary, Alberta, for about ten years, my lovely wife Candice and I decided to make the move back to our home province of Ontario to be closer to family. We set out to find a new town to call home so that we could bring our young daughter up in a small town the way we both grew up. Once we found the quaint and artistic town of Elora, we fell in love! I feel as though my life is finally in balance and focused on creating from the heart.

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